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The light weight of the SEs themselves, which include three tiny speakers on each side — one tweeter and two woofers — contributes to the general effortlessness and comfort of using them.

Earphones with cables that hook over the ear are, almost as a rule, slower and more fiddly to put on and take off than conventionally hanging ones. So in theory, the s should be a bit of a pain to use and maintain in good order, but almost everything about their design is of a higher caliber than most, including the foam tips, which are relatively easy to keep clean. I find the s strike the perfect balance between the deep penetration and extreme noise attenuation of something like the Etymotics which, by the way, require lubrication before insertion and the practicality of a more regular pair of earbuds.

If we take it as a rule that a pair of headphones can either be revealing — focusing most of its energies on presenting a beautiful high end full of twinkling detail and resolution — or a thumping bass monster but not both at the same time , the Shure SEs bend that rule.

I love the bass coming out of these earphones: it has a full and vicious delivery that gives real life and meaning to audiophile jargon like "slam" and "impact. It gives me just enough punch to make me want more, which I deem to be the perfect tuning: ideal for prolonged listening and constantly introducing an itch that the earphones satisfyingly scratch. Without a comfortable fit and a solid bass foundation, no pair of headphones could hope for a good grade from me, but the Shure s set themselves apart by maintaining that high quality in the full range of their musical presentation.

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The flip side of that equation is, of course, that I can instantly tell the difference between a casual SoundCloud or YouTube upload and a nicely mastered track streaming off Tidal. I also consider it borderline criminal to plug the s directly into a Google Pixel or any other smartphone not named LG G6 — that would be like buying a McLaren for the school run. Most of the technical qualities of the Shure SEs feel just right.

Vocals still come through with appropriate primacy, and I struggle to think of ways that the sound can be improved. The SEs are faultlessly realistic.

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